Monday, July 4, 2011

Groton Peru Day 7

On Food in Peru
Naomi Wright and Catherine Walker-Jacks

Do you enjoy eating roasted guinea pig with a side of piping hot jello and papaya juice? No? Well some of our classmates do. For those of us who don’t, Peru offers myriad other unique foods as well. From “carne asado” to “juevos con pan caliente,” the food here is nothing quite like anything we’ve ever experienced. Everyday there is a new type of food for us to try and, despite apprehension, enjoy. Furthermore, all of us have found new favorite candies such as “Sublime” and “Golpe” bars. Though our host families feed us portions much larger than we would’ve ever imagined, it is simply an extension of their hospitality, causing some of us to loosen our belts “un poco”.

Other than just an opportunity for experimentation, meal times are also an incredibly social aspect of life in Peru. Families convene for all three meals of the day to share and reflect on the happenings of each day. We are completely included in these exchanges despite our ability to speak perfect Spanish, and we are treated as though we are part of the family. Throughout these meals, our families are constantly inquiring about our lives “en Los Estados Unidos,” thus, promoting a sense of unity among the family.


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Hi Catherine. Not sure if our last comment posted or not. We enjoyed your post on food in Peru and cannot wait to hear more. Love, Mom

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