Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 12: Peru Humor

The funniest moment of these past weeks was the part when LAN lost my suitcase, and I resorted to soliciting clothing from 30+ year old women, Peruvian and American alike.

The funniest part of these past weeks was when Jason, one of the more “comical” leaders, convinced Mitchell, Sinclaire, and me that we were being accused of trespassing by a scary Peruvian lady and subsequently, had to be flown home immediately to avoid the harsh Peruvian judicial system. We have our reactions on video.

The funniest moment of the recent days for me occurred high in the Peruvian mountains. As I was bundled in winter gear ready to slip into my sleeping bag, I went out for a final mountainside urination. As I stood looking at the stars, I glanced to my left, and sitting, at most, two feet away was a large alpaca and her kin. I was subsequently stared down and grunted at before I fled the scene. I have just ordered alpaca for dinner.

It was a warm afternoon, a pleasant departure from the several days of rain and cold. One of my roommates, Byunghoon Bobby Min decided that this would be an ideal day for a shower. Although I knew the shower would be downright frigid from prior experience, I didn’t think much of it as I sat in my room. However, I soon heard laughter from outside the room and I walked out to see our mother laughing. She pointed to the bathroom, where we could hear strange grunts coming from our dearest little Min. He later claimed a side cramp to be a heart attack. #Language barrier.

Just few hours ago, I was at the market to buy some souvenirs. Then I saw some rugs (Peruvian style hoodie/sweater in my opinion). As I tried one on from Silvia’s store, it was WAY too small for me. However, Silvia claimed that it would become larger after putting it in the laundry. Being the cynical person I am, I pulled out my iPhone (which I was not supposed to have at that time) and opened the Spanish dictionary application. I searched the word “promise” and asked Silvia, “Dame una prometa que es la verdad.” (roughly translates to “Promise me that it is true”) She promised me, so I bought one. Yet I am still “un poco” worried that it would never fit my barrel chest.

It was a cold night in the middle of the Peruvian mountains, during our overnight stay. I had been prolonging the call of nature for about an hour (since it was absolutely freezing out) when I absolutely had to leave the tent. I rushed to zip open the two tent flaps in just boxers and a pair of hiking socks, and hurried outside—right into a pile of Alpaca dung. Needless to say, I had to ditch the socks. And I no longer find Alpacas adorable.

Two words :Sinclaire's sunburn

After talking to our host mom, Vicky and I found out that some of the vendors in the marketplace were overcharging all of us and Vicky wasn’t having any of it. So the next day, we went back to the marketplace to finish buying our gifts and after hearing that a bag was 50 soles, she tells the vendor, “Es muy costo(she meant “caro”, which means expensive) ... tu sabes!” and she ended up getting it for 30 soles. #winning.

It was the first night after we arrived at Ollantaytambo, and we were all staying at the hotel Inca Garden. After having showered and unpacked, some of the girls, Sam, and Kyle decided to play Uno all together in one room. The innocent game grew more intense and heated as the minutes passed by, and finally we were to a point where people were openly cheating and even throwing cards at each other. Finally, after Naomi said, “we’re all going to feel so different when we wake up tomorrow,” Kyle, who was one of the most aggressive players, said “well, let’s hope that everyone does wake up tomorrow.” Let’s just say, I prayed for my life that night.

It was the first day that we were working at Ancho Pacha, and we were moving lots of rocks. We were lined up in a long fire line to place the rocks, and I was in the middle. Bobby was in front of me, and while passing a relatively big rock, warned me that it was heavy. I had underestimated the weight of the rock. As soon as he let go of the rock, I held it for a few seconds but before I passed it to Vicky, I fell backwards with the rock on my stomach. I started laughing because I couldn’t get up, but I was finally able to after I moved the rock.

A group of us on the trip decided to walk to a pool across the river (which was a rather large distance away) after the long overnight hike for some relaxation. When we arrived the realization hit us that the pool freezing cold. We all jumped in, immediately climbed back, shivering, and then put our clothes back on. After we had gotten out of the water, Nancy Hughes decided she wanted to jump in as well. She dipped her foot in the water and was immediately rethinking this thought. She stood their for long moment and then Craig Gemmel nodded to me to push her in. I proceded to do so.


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