Friday, July 1, 2011

Groton Peru Day 4 Update

Well, today has been unseasonably wet. It started raining last night and it just hasn't stopped. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from our work in Ancco Pacha, but the students were able to catch up on some sleep and spend good time with their host families and each other. We also met as a group at 3:30 to talk about the first chapter of Lewis Hyde's "The Gift" and Novogratz's "The Blue Sweater."

Just to keep parents up-to-date, please know that we are postponing our hike. We will not be leaving on Saturday as planned because more rain is expected -- and there is about 16 inches of snow now where we were planning to hike! So we will be changing our route and, we hope, heading out on Wednesday.

Our best to you all. nmh


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